Why might I need a flat roof?

When you think about roofs, then chances are that you are going to picture those standard pitched roofs that you see on houses across the UK. Sure, this is a common approach to roofing and one that is used every single day, however, when it comes to roofing, it is not the only option.

Depending on your needs, a flat roof might be a better option for you to consider; and to help you to work out whether or not a flat roof is something that you may need, we have put together our guide to the times when you may need a flat roof.

When you want to keep your costs down

Having a roof replaced on your home can be incredibly costly and if you are only covering a small area, such as an extension, then you may not want to be faced with an expensive repair job. Compared to other roof types, a flat roof is much more cost-effective; as well as being incredibly quick to construct. 

When you are lacking space

One common reason that people decide to have a flat roof over other types of roof is because they lack space. They take up less head height than pitched, this is ideal if you are converting a garage or you are building an extension. Both of these can often come across planning permission issues, which means that you need to restrict the height.

Remember, they can be stronger than you realise

One thing that many people may not know about flat roofs is that they can actually be pretty strong. They used to have quite a bad reputation and would usually be the last choice, however, over time they have improved. They are now built using materials and methods that allow them to be incredibly strong and durable.

If you are thinking about having a flat roof, then you may worry about the fact that rainwater can build up and end up causing a leak. However, this is not the case and drainage can have a similar drainage as a pitched roof. This is because they are built in a way that means that the chance of pooling is going to be minimal.

The important thing is to ensure that you invest in a good quality flat roof, one that is built from the best materials. Any roof, whether it is pitched or flat is a big investment, which means that you are going to want to make sure that the money that you are spending out is going to have been well-spent. If you have a roof that lasts somewhere in the region of 20 years, then you know that you have made the right choice for your home. No matter the type of roof that you choose.