Common pitched roof repairs you can do yourself

One of the last things that you will want to go wrong in your home is your roof. Roofs are what protect your entire home and ensure that it stays dry, warm and protected. The thing is, given the nature of your roof and the fact that it is open to the elements all year round, things can go wrong.

Roofing repairs and replacements will be needed, and sometimes you won’t even know what these are until the problem is considerably big. 

To help you to spot them and get an expert in to fix them as soon as possible. We have put together some of the most common repairs that are needed on pitched roofs.

Leaks and stains on the ceiling

Have you ever noticed a stain on your ceiling space? Not only do they look pretty ugly, but they can start to smell over time too. This isn’t only unpleasant when you live there, but it can also mean that your property is devalued when the time does come to sell up and move on. 

Leaks and stains are, more often than not, caused by an issue with your roof. Smaller problems include tiles that are missing, loose or poorly installed. You may also find that leaks are caused by holes and punctures within the roofing membrane. Whatever you think may be the cause, it is important to get these kinds of problems fixed as quickly as possible before getting any bigger. If you would like someone in your area to take care of these issues then visit Highfive List to find a local provider in your area.

Gutter replacement and repair Norwich, Norfolk

Loose gutters

Gutters can come loose from time to time, and whilst you may not think that this is a huge problem, it can develop into something quite costly to repair. Loose gutters can pull your fascia’s and your soffits, which will expose the under-laying elements of your roof. If this happens, then you will not only have to look at having your gutters repaired but also your fascia’s and soffits too.  Loose gutters can be caused by them being poorly fitted in the first place. However, a more common reason that they end up becoming loose is that they have been damaged during bad weather. If you need replacement guttering you can find roofing replacements online.

Gutters that overflow

You will soon learn when you own a house that gutters can be hugely problematic. Although, of course, they are useful at protecting your home. Gutters can quickly become blocked. This can be caused by something as simple as some leaves that have blown in or some moss that has fallen down off of your roof.

When a gutter is blocked, it can only take a small amount of rain (something that we see plenty of here in the UK), and it will start to overflow. Not only can this impact access to your property, but it can also mean that water pools in one place and then it can seep down into the foundations of your home. Over time, this will cause the foundations to rot and for damp to develop.

All of these issues may seem minor on their own, but they can build up over time and cause much bigger problems for you to have fixed. It is a much better idea to look out for them, catch them in their early stages and get someone in to fix it for you.

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